Programs Overview

Meriden- Main Campus

Individuals receiving services through Kuhn’s Meriden facility are generally funded through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS).  To participate in Kuhn services individuals must have a disability and a verified funding source, be eighteen years of age or older and have the ability to benefit from services.  Typically, but not exclusively, program participants carry a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability. The programs described below are offered and represent a continuum of services designed to match the wide range of skills and abilities of persons served. 

Community Experience Program (CEP):

Individuals participating in this program have the opportunity to learn appropriate social skills and behaviors through a variety of community activities, as well as, in-house projects (i.e.: arts & crafts).  Community activities are planned based on the individual participants’ expressed interests.  Behavior programs and positive reinforcement are utilized to assist participants to move toward work readiness.  This program can accommodate individuals with significant behavioral issues due to a high level of staff to participant ratio.

Work Services Program (WS):

This program is designed to provide individuals with a work experience in a sheltered environment through subcontract assembly, packaging, and light manufacturing work from the local business community. Participants are generally paid on a piece-rated basis via Kuhn payroll, in accordance with Department of Labor standards.  Individualized Service Plans (ISP) are established for each participant to maximize their productivity and earning potential, as well as, their work skills and behaviors so that they may reach their maximum level of independence.

Group Supported Employment (GSE):

This program offers participants community-based employment with onsite support of a Job Coach.  Work crews consist of four to eight participants that perform job duties at the employers’ job site with a Job Coach.   Program participants are paid via Kuhn payroll at an hourly rate that is assessed every six months in accordance with Department of Labor standards.  Wage reviews consider an individual's work productivity and quality as it relates to the same work performed by a non-disabled person.  Individualized Service Plans (ISP) are established for each participant to maximize their productivity and earning potential, as well as, their work skills and behaviors so that they may reach their maximum level of independence.  The GSE Program offers participants a choice of first or second shift work opportunities.

Independent Supported Employment (ISE): 

Program participants with the skills and ability to work at a competitive level work individually with an Employment Specialist (ES) to identify an appropriate job match, learn job-seeking skills and to be placed in a job with an area employer.  Competitive employment is defined as earning minimum wage or higher with the participant being paid directly by the employer.  The ES provides initial on the job coaching to ensure success in employment.  Ongoing support for the participant focuses on job duties/ work performance, employer feedback, relationships with coworkers, and any other issue that may affect the participant’s job success. An Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is established for each participant to guide effective, person-centered service delivery. 

School to Work Transition Services

Another service offered through Kuhn’s Meriden facility includes working with local Boards of Education (BOE) students.  Eligibility for these services is as described above with the exception of the minimum age, which is 16 years old.  Participants funded through a BOE can access any of the programs identified above as appropriate to meet their needs/ skill level.  Individualized service plans (ISP) are developed and allow students to attend school part-time and Kuhn part-time so that they can meet their educational requirements while beginning to learn work skills and behaviors;Some students may attend Kuhn full-time.  Kuhn may also offer BOE students Career Exploration/ Individualized Vocational Planning and/or  Assessment Services.  These services highly individualized. Call for more information.  


 For more information contact Beth Fisher, Executive Director at 203.235.2583.