School to Work Transition Services


Transitional Employment Services


For information regarding individualized transition services for students in school systems other than Kuhn's East-Hampton based program, please contact Beth Fisher, Director of Programs for more information at 203.235.2583 or  




Transitional Employment Program - East Hampton Board of Education



Kuhn Employment Opportunities, Inc., working in collaboration with the East Hampton Board of Education (EHBOE), provides students well coordinated school-to-work transition services that are based in the greaterEast Hampton community. This program includes work skills instruction and community-based vocational training opportunities. This authentic training approach develops real work and real life-skills



  • Student of the East Hampton High School or The Learning Center in East Hampton, CT
  • IEP or 504 referral from East Hampton Board of Education



Kuhn’s Senior Program Manager works with the EHBOE Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services to approve the eligibility of all referrals made.  A PPT meeting is held and through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process, an individualized plan is developed for each student.



Kuhn’s Transitional Employment Program at the East Hampton Board of Education provides well coordinated school to work transitions for students receiving special education services or enrolled in alternative learning programs.  The goal of the program is to provide community based services which assist students to transition from High School into employment programs or jobs that are best matched to the individual.


Each student will have an individualized program schedule based on their needs and interests.  Services could include: Pre-employment Preparation/ Career Exploration, Group Supported Employment, Paid Internships, Community-based Vocational Assessments, Independent Job Placement/Work Study, Job, Social and Life Skills Instruction. All students work with the Transition Coordinator who is responsible for coordinating the individualized programming. With consent, the Transition Coordinator will work in conjunction with families, educators, and other service providers to insure well-coordinated service delivery.



Services are generally provided during the school day, however, can be flexible based on the needs of students and/or employers.  



Call Erin Gasparini, Senior Program Manager at 860-347-8923 x202



" We enjoy having the students from Kuhn here with us. It gives them an opportunity to learn great skills that they will need in the future when they graduate and enter the working world. We are very happy to help where we can."   Jill Kelley, employer