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Kuhn works with area businesses in two capacities: as a resource and support for direct hire employees, and as a source for “manpower” that can be provided at the business location. At Kuhn, we have been providing vocational services for people with disabilities since 1962. We arrange transportation to alleviate concern about tardy or absentee employees. We teach safety training and adhere closely to the Department of Labor and OSHA standards.

Many of our employers report that hiring Kuhn participants brings value beyond their expectations, strengthens relationships with customers, the community, and associates, and helps to bring out the positive qualities of their current workforce.  

Independent Placements

For direct hire employees, Kuhn staff from the agency’s Independent Placement Programs (in Meriden, Rushford-based Program, and the Middletown Office) work to match the employer’s need with an individual’s job skills and interests. In some cases, a tax credit may be available to the employer. Ongoing support and resources are available to both the employer and the individual placed.

The Kuhn staff works as a team with employers to train participants at performing specific jobs. We expect no favors. Our participants blend into the existing workforce. They are dedicated to working and maintaining independent lives.

The Kuhn staff works as a team with employers and are available to train qualified participants at performing specific jobs. Our participants blend into and strengthens the existing workforce. They are dedicated to working and maintaining independent lives.  The Kuhn staff will remain engaged and available if the responsibilities change or if there are future training needs.    

For Additional Information

Contact Geoff Crandall, Director of Programs, at 203.235.2583 x114.

Work Crews

Kuhn has crews who can provide work in your business. Currently some of those tasks include janitorial, packaging, and assembly work, but we are open to assisting with most any business needs. Our mobile crews are available for both day and evening shifts. A Kuhn on site staff supervisor oversees the work crews throughout the entire shift and program managers of the agency check in on a regular basis to survey the job being done. We are cost-efficient, service- and quality-oriented.

When establishing a contractual partnership with a business for “manpower” (i.e. a contractual work crew), Kuhn strives to provide our business partners with quality services at a competitive price. Kuhn fully insures Kuhn staff and program participants at your work site for liability and employee workers compensation.

For Additional Information

Contact Luis Perez, Contracts Manager, at 203.235.2583 x113.