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Donate your vehicle and take a tax deduction! All proceeds directly benefit participant programs as all services are volunteered. Vehicles are accepted throughout Connecticut. Proceeds from the sale, auction, or salvage of vehicles directly benefit Kuhn participant programs. Give locally!

Vehicles in all conditions are accepted. A title is required.

  • Cars that are registered and operable may be driven directly to Danby’s Service Stations at 41 High Street in Meriden. Please make arrangements prior to delivery with Kuhn. We will be glad to arrange a return ride at a mutually acceptable time for the driver. The donor is responsible for returning or transferring the registration plates through the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).
  • Vehicles can be towed at no charge to the donor or Kuhn. Arrangements for towing are made by Kuhn. A tow truck release form is required and is obtainable through Kuhn. It will take up to two weeks for the vehicle to be picked up from the time that Kuhn receives the title, keys, and tow release, as towing is a donated service by Danby’s.

Tax Information

According to the IRS, the donor is responsible for documenting the fair market value, FMV, of your vehicle. Please refer to the IRS on how to best document FMV or refer to your tax accountant. Review IRS publications #526, Charitable Contributions and #561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, and Form #8283. Kuhn sends a letter verifying your donation on Kuhn letterhead once the title has been received.

Learn More

Please contact Kuhn directly to learn more about donating your vehicle and to receive the packet of information on how to donate your vehicle with tow truck release form and IRS information. Contact Pat Ladner pladner@KuhnEmployment.com or call at (203) 235-2583 x118.