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Community Experience Program (CEP)

Day Support Programs ImageIndividuals participating in this program have the opportunity to learn appropriate social skills and behaviors through a variety of community activities, as well as in-house projects (i.e., arts & crafts).

Community activities are planned based on the individual participants’ expressed interests. Behavior programs and positive reinforcement are utilized to assist participants to move toward work readiness.

This program can accommodate individuals with significant behavioral issues due to a high ratio of staff to participants.

Opportunities for Older Adults (OOA)

Day Support Programs ImageThis program is designed for individuals with developmental disabilities who are ready for retirement. Individuals participating in this program have the opportunity to participate in meaningful leisure and recreational activities.

Activities are planned based on the individual participant’s expressed interests. Participants are offered a range of services that provide social interaction and support and assistance with activities of daily living.

The program will include both individual and group activities.

For Additional Information

Call Erin Gasparini, Chief Program Officer, at 203.225.5283 x115.